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Christine Love
The most outstanding outcall companion in London!

"I offer my charms to the best because they appreciate the best. The most coveted gems are the rarest ones.”
Christine Love   

I choose to do this. I love what I do. I feel empowered. I choose to meet you. 

All the courtesans that you might research have different paths into this world.

I see this as a creative outlet for the expression of sensuality, kindness, compassion, adventure, making dreams and fantasies come true.... And I love it. 

I fully enjoy meeting like minded individuals. I do this for fun as my primary motive! And a girl can never have enough shoes...

I have had tons of good and positive experiences and bags of good luck in this wicked world.

Having said that...

"Diligence is the mother of good luck"

...which is why I ask you questions to learn about you.

I am very selective. 

You are choosing me today based on what you have seen or read about me.  I will choose you based on how you present yourself. I am amazed how many lovely gentlemen slip through the net just because they didn't take the time to introduce themselves properly.

I always do what feels right for me. Without enough detail to go on, I simply decline.

I will always be a happy companion with a few select delighted clients because my matchmaking process has never let me down.

I want to make this the best experience you have ever had with a girl like me.

The ladies & gentlemen who relish me the most tend to be most certainly over 30 and most probably over 40 and much beyond.  I have a found that age improves a persons ability to be discerning in their tastes and I like that a lot.

I receive emails from my contact form straight to my phone so will be swift in responding - unless I am otherwise engaged.  Naturally.

In your text kindly include your:

  • Name
  • Age (I need to verify you are of legal age. I have no upper age limit.)
  • When you would like to see me? And for how long?
  • How would you like to spend our time together?

Getting Hold of Me

When you call me, if I am available, I will answer straight away.

If I do not answer your call straight away…
I am either getting hot in the gym,
busy in my other business,
in a naughty date already!
or with civilians who are unaware of my raunchy pursuits. 
Or I could simply be entertaining myself with my Doxy toy - refer to twitter for details and pics.  
In that case, text me and I will respond quicker.
If you find texting painful, attempt to work through that pain in order to schedule in some time with me! No pain no gain! I can't answer all calls all of the time.

PLEASE let me know safe and discreet times to return your call or text.

I know you probably just want to hear my voice and get a feel for my personality.  We can always do that when its convenient for both of us. :-D xxx






Mobile Phone Number:

Convenient & Discreet times to text you:

What would you like to explore in our date?